First Round: Type Advantage against the Dragon Buster?

As I signed up for the Club Battle Tournament, I felt a sense of creeping nervousness flowing through my blood. I only had three Badges and this was my first ever tournament. I didn't know how experienced my competition would be and I didn't know if I could respond to the battle situation stress. But then again, this is how I felt in my Gym Battles and I managed to beat all of them without loosing once. I told myself to trust in my strengths and my monsuno and to guard our weaknesses.

My first battle was against the (self proclaimed) Dragon Buster Georgia. She specializes in Ice-types, swearing never to use Dragon-types. I chose my Scraggy for this, because of his high attack and presumed type-advantage.

"Are you ready, Mr. Kite Atlas?" Georgia asked, as the referee started the match, "Well ready or not, hear I come! Beartic launch!"

"I hope I'm ready..." I muttered, then called, "All right Scraggy boy! Unleash!"

The two cores collided in a neon-white and golden storm and both monsuno erupted out, ready to battle. Scraggy gave his signature thumbs-up to me, telling me to quit worrying and start fighting.

"You think a type-advantage will triumph Beartic?" Georgia asked, "think again boy! Beartic, use Rock Smash!"

The behemoth of a polar bear came rushing forward, its fists glowing yellowish-orange. If you don't think that its a terrifying site, you're crazy... So naturally, I started panicking.

"Okay, okay think think," I muttered...," Ice has a weakness to Fire and and Steel... and and Fighting, right?"

On the battlefield, Scraggy dodged with any commands and used Brick Break. The glowing straightened palm slammed into Beartic's side, knocking him back for super effective damage.

"All right, go Scraggy!" I yelled, in fierce relief.

"You lack control over your monsuno," Georgia chided, "It shouldn't move unless told!"

Scraggy looked at me and smiled as Beartic lunged with the same attack. Confident now, I had Scraggy jump up and hammer Beartic in the head with another Brick Break, stunning him.

"Scraggy, try Crunch!" I ordered, the battle adrenaline flowing through my veins. 

Scraggy attacked with glowing teeth and crashed into Beartic, sending it reeling. The Freezing Monsuno regained control and straightened itself and gnarled.

"Eh, who lacks control over their monsuno again?" I asked, mockingly.

With a fierce yell, Georgia commanded Slash. I had Scraggy use Scary Face, which Beartic dodged. I noticed the amount of raw speed it had for its huge size. I ordered Scraggy to take the attack by blocking, which it did successfully. The force knocked him backward but he regained his footing.

"Payback!" I yelled.

The purplish-white orb rammed into Beartic and it was tossed backward. On my orders, Scraggy closed in with another Brick Break and Beartic countered with Icicle Crash. The attack slowed Scraggy's assualt but my Shedding Monsuno came through with the attack and clashed with Beartic's Rock Smash. In the ensuing light orange flash, both Monsuno came slidding back. Scraggy readied itself quickly but I saw Beartic was huffing and puffing.

"This ends now..," I said, saying my signature battle line.

"Nothing's over until I say its over!" Georgia yelled, "Ice Beam!"

The flashing neon-white beam shot towards Scraggy but I was prepared now. I had Scraggy ram headfirst into the attack, taking the blow and countering with Payback. Georgia tried to have Beartic dodge but the orb slammed into its left foot, sending it spinning into the adjacent wall, knocking it out. I yelled out in glee and high-fived Scraggy.

"But how..." Georgia began, "that attack..."

"Payback becomes stronger and faster when its user takes a hit," I explained, "You must've not known that."

"Whatever..." Georgia said, walking away from the battlefield. I smiled, now more confident than I was before and prepared to take on my next challenger. 

Mastering the Basics

"Okay boy, back into the core," I said to Scraggy as I recalled him.

I had just fed him and decided to have him recover for our next match. I looked at some of the matches and saw some fierce competition. There was even Cilan, the Striation City Gym Leader, competiting in the Club Battle. My next opponent was Trip Houston, an aspiring Monsuno Ranger like me. However, he was the cool, calm and powerful type of guy that likes to keep to himself. He also carried a camera to photograph his Monsuno journey, which I think is pretty original.

"Bouffalant! Unleash!" I called, spinning out my core when the referee started the match.

"Gurdurr, into the frenzy!" Trip countered.

The Monsuno exploded out in a golden and pale green flash. I ordered a Horn Attack from Bouffalant and Gurdurr countered with Low Sweep. Bouffalant jumped and nailed into Gurdurr in a fierce clash. Both Monsuno slid back and Gurdurr used Strength and lunged with its iron grinder drawn. I panicked at the force of the attack for a second but decided to use Bouffalant's massive power into a thunderous Head Charge. The two clashed again and a dust storm kicked up and Gurdurr was pushed back and managed to get up and draw its grinder. Red sparks covered Bouffalant as it took recoil damage.

"Gurdurr use DynamicPunch!" Trip ordered.

I waited till it got close and used Leer. The attack made Gurdurr loose its focus and Bouffalant mashed into it with another Head Chage, followed by a Horn Attack in quick succession. Gurdurr was blasted back but it used its grinder as a shield and I could tell it avoided the crux of the attack. It regained it battle prose as Bouffalant took its recoil damage but straightened itself out.

"One more Head Charge and I could finish off that buffalo of yours," Trip said.

So that was his strategy, wear out Bouffalant and then KO him. I smiled,"That strategy won't work now."

Bouffalant charged with Horn Attack and Gurdurr used Stone Edge. The stones smashed into Bouffalant but my Bash Buffalo Monsuno prevailed though the powerful barrage.

"Revenge!" I roared.

Bouffalant formed an orange beam with its two horns. Then the beam fired a medium-sized orange ball at Gurdurr, who took the full brunt of the attack. The attack blasted him off his feet and he landed near Trip, defeated.

"You've mastered the basics," Trip said, taking a picture and recalling Gurdurr.

"How come your taking a picture of a loss?" I asked which ruffling Bouffalant's afro.

"So I can look back on this frustration and beat you the next time we meet," Trip said, as he left.

A Paralyzing Evolution!

I was up against Ash Ketchum next. He was a spirited yet sometimes stubborn Trainer. I've noticed in his battles that his monsuno trust him completetly, no matter how crazy his tactics were. I know that kind of trust is the most powerful weapon and is the key to victory even after a loss. 

"All right Pikachu, it's go time!" Ash said and his walking partner jumped onto the field, its electric cheeks sparking.

I sighed. The last monsuno I registered was Oshawott, but it was clear that he would loose against Pikachu. Bouffalant was still resting from the double Head Charge show he put up so Scraggy was left. Fortunately, Scraggy was a solid choice.

"Scraggy, it's your turn to shine!" I called, "Unleash!"

The core spun out on the ground and Scraggy erupted out from the golden light. He scanned its opponent and smiled menancingly. Pikachu started with Thunderbolt and Scraggy dodged the bolt and lunged with Crunch. Pikachu used Electro Ball and I had Scraggy counter with Dragon Pulse. The two powerful orbs clashed in a deafening maelstorm. The force send both Monsuno reeling but they regained control.

"Scary Face" I whispered to Scraggy.

Scraggy formed a red copy of his face and shot it into the smokescreen. Fotunately, Pikachu had come through with Quick Attack and was hit with the crippling attack.

"Now Dragon Pulse, then Brick Break!" I yelled fiercely.

Despite his loss of speed, Pikachu dodged the powerful attack and used a combination of Iron Tail and Electro Ball against Scraggy's Brick Break. The two clashed in a powerful flash, sending both monsuno slamming into the wall.

"Scraggy, you alright man?!?!" I yelled frantically. Scraggy managed to remove itself from the wall and hopped back to the field. Meanwhile Pikachu did the same, albeit huffing.

"Your Scraggy sure is strong," Ash complimented smiling, "It's an awesome challenge."

"Thanks Ash," I said, feeling quite thankful, "It's what we're all about. Although you and your Pikachu seem to be the type of duo that's unstoppable."

Ash smiled and ordered Volt Tackle. Pikachu encased himself in a yellow aura and lunged towards Scraggy. I was paralyzed with fear. Just then I noticed that Scraggy was struggling to move, because it too was paralyzed from his previous clash. He tried to get up but the yellow sparks forced him to kneel. Seeing my monsuno struggle like that triggered something within me, and I regained confidence.

"Scraggy you can do this! Dodge!!!" I yelled in fury.

Instead, he glowed white. I watched in awe as Pikachu's powerful Volt Tackle did nothing as Scraggy evolved into Scrafty! My new Hoodlum Monsuno screeched and gave me the signature thumbs up sign.

"All right, go Scrafty!" I yelled with glee.

Scrafty formed a yellow ball in his cupped hands and fired it at Pikachu. When it hit Pikachu, it swelled to a massive size, blasting the Electric Mouse Monsuno into a wall and defeating it. 

"What was that move?" Ash asked, thunderstruck.

"Facade..." I said smiling. I didn't even have to check the SunoDex. I knew Scraggy had evolved to learn that move and make something of his paralysis. In doing so, he had closed the gap between him and Ash's powerful Pikachu.

Final Battle: Clash of Tastes!

As Leader Cilan walked towards the arena, I felt a sense of extreme pressure envelop me. The victory over Ash was extremely based on chance; if Scraggy hadn't evolved when it did, I wouldn't be in the finals. But I also knew that there was a reason that I was in the finals, above my talented competition. I drew in a deep breath and decided to make the best of it.

"You're awesome Scrafty," I said, "take a rest."

However he shook his stubbornly, wanting to stay for the Championship match. I smiled and ruffled his new red mohawk. I drew the core that I've been saving for my toughest match.

"Kite! It's been too long since we last met!" Cilan greeted me warmly, as usual "You've grown into a powerful Trainer indeed!"

"Thanks Cilan," I beemed with pride," but enough about me. How have you been and why aren't you at Striation City?"

"I've started traveling with your former opponent, Ash" Cilan said, "It's been quite a bash really. But enough babbling. Let's finish what we came here to do. Pansage, launch!"

"Oshawott!" I called out my first monsuno, "Unleash your terror!"

The two cores clashed and in a maelstorm of gray and gold, both monsuno erupted out.