"The semi-finals matches will be underway!" the MC shouted and the stadium shook under applause, "it's Kite Atlas versus Ria Jones. Then it's Cameron Richardson vs. Tobias Kingston!"

The audience roared as me and Ria stepped out into the arena. We smiled as the referee started the match and our Monsuno hopped off our shoulders and into the field. Ria blew a kiss to me and started with a Quick Attack from Emolga. I countered with Super Bite. The two clashed in a fierce burst of energies as I noticed that Emolga's was much faster and held up a clash much longer. The two pulled themselves away and I immediately noticed that Emolga's Static special ability had activated and blue static electricity surrounded Sandile and it whinced.

"Her special abiilty didn't activate at all the last time we battled," Ria smiled, "this time Lady Luck is smiling at me! Now Emolga, use 360-Degree Pursuit!"

Emolga used Double Team rapidly then followed by Pursuit. As they got close, I ordered a Sand-Attack and whipped up the small sand wave to cover up Sandile. However, my timing was a bit off and the real Emolga managed to land the hit and its clones disappeared.

"Sand Tomb!" I ordered.

The cyclone whipped up under Emolga who managed to dodge and used her new move, Attract. Unfortunately, the annoying hearts scored a direct hit, immoblizing Sandi. He began to follow Emolga's stupidly as she pounded him with rapid Quick Attacks.

"It seems Sandile can't be subdued by force, but by true beauty," Ria said softly, striking a pose which Emolga mirrored. 

I continued to stare for awhile but Sandi's crippling issue shook me out of my trance. A paralysis effect combined by Attract is overpowering to any Monsuno and Sandile doesn't have very good defenses, despite its unbelievable resilience. Ria ordered one final Quick Attack to wrap up the match. As Emolga's dashed forth, Sandile suddenly shrieked adn activated Anger Point, breaking out of Attract's grip. He used