"Man this will be one heck of a day!" I said excitedly, while getting dressed.

"Sandile!" my Desert Croc squealed with glee and nodded.

The Tournament was going to begin today and me and Sandile worked so hard yesterday to perfect our fighting style. Due to his high Attack and his usuable Speed, I trained Sandile in the form of a Physical Sweeper. We trained in increasing the power of our attacks and increasing our overall speed and agility. Through our harsh midnight training, Sandile learned Sand Tomb, a reasonably weak but trapping attack that we can use to arrange an effective combo. We also managed to perfect Super Bite with Sandile being able to call upon the needed power much quicker than in our battle with Ria and Emolga.

"Come on Sandi!" I called and Sandile jumped onto my shoulder as I raced downstairs and out the door. I made it to the Tournament Arena just in time to register myself for the prelimaries.

I looked around as I left the registration booth. It was like the Unova League, with people and monsuno everywhere. I took a deep breath as I managed to weave in and out of the crowds and eventually reached the waiting hall for beginning Trainers. I couldn't believe the sheer size of competition gathered up into the hall. It seemed as if the prelimaries would run for a long time to get Trainers down to the Top 32.

"Hey Kite! Over here!" I heared a familiar voice call out.

I turned and saw Ria making her way towards me. She looked even more glamorous than she did yesterday, if that is possible. She smoothed Sandi's hair and pinched my cheek, "How you doing?"

"Fine," I said, trying hard not to blush,"A big crowd isn't it? Gonna be taxing to beat through all of them."

Ria smiled and was about to say something when the MC's voice boomed across the megaspeakers throughout the hall, "Welcome beginning Trainers! The Beginneer Preliminary Tournament will now begin! Each of you will be paired up according to your registration order and your matches will take place 10 at a time, because of the 128 Trainers that have come to compete. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

I easily beat my three opponents using Sandile's resilience and deadly attacks and advanced to the main Tournament. Through frequently activating Anger Point, I was able to swiftly overpower opponents in quick bursts of Super Bite or Sand-Attack/Sand Tomb combo. All of it went perfectly well, until I was forced to my limits in the Top 8, against Trip Houston.

When the referee begun the match, Trip unleashed his Snivy. This was the third Snivy I was fighting in the Tournament, since the Grass Snake Monsuno was one of the starter monsuno given to beginning trainers. However, I watched this Snivy battle under Trip's excellent command and I knew this was going to be the first time I would be at a type disadvantage. 

Snivy started with Tackle and Sandi lunged as well. When Snivy was close, I assualted with Sand-Attack but Trip was well-versed with my strategy. Snivy countered with his powerful Leaf Tornado and neutralized the sand wave. Sandi used Sand Tomb and clashed with the Leaf Tornado. Both twisters canceled each other out in a powerful wave, blowing both Monsuno back.

"I thought for sure Leaf Tornado would nail the Desert Croc," Trip said, "You're better than the loosers I had to fight to get this far."

As an answer, I had Sandile lunge with Bite. Snivy jumped into the air and dived down with Tackle. I expected a full force crash, but Trip pulled the trigger and had Snivy use his hidden move, Vine Whip. The green vines sprouted from the Grass Snake and grasped Sandile's snout and body, stopping him from movement.

"Perfect Leaf Tornado!" Trip yelled.

Snivy backflipped and rammed the green tornado into Sandile, propelling Sandile into the ground and creating cracks. Snivy landed softly and smiled, knowing the match was over. However when the smoke cleared, Sandile stood up, Anger Point once again activated.

"Ability Anger Point activated," my SumoDex chimed, "Attack power increase - 2.3x."

Smiling, I ordered Sandile to lunge. Frowning, Snivy used Vine Whip again but Sandile nimbly dodged the vines. One vine managed to trip him on the way, but he used the extra boost in speed to zoom towards Snivy.

"Super Bite!" I roared.

However, Sandile's engulfed himself in a black aura and rammed into Snivy. Upon meeting contact with Snivy, the aura erupted to a quick size and Snivy was blasted into a wall defeated. 

"New move, new move, new move!" my SumoDex chimed again,"Sandile learned Assurance!"

I smiled and ran out into the field as the ref rendered Trip the looser. I hugged Sandile as he collapsed into the ground. He squealed and bite my head affectionately. 

"You're good," Trip said indifferently as he walked away from the stadium. I knew how hard it is to hold your head high when you suffer a crippling loss but Trip did it expertly. I smiled, knowing I found myself a new rival.

"This just keeps getting better," I said, smiling.