I kicked up dust as I walked to Professor Rowan's lab. Today was a very special day for me, because I was going to leave for the Unova region today. As I turned around the corner of the street, I saw the professor's lab, its white paint glowing against the sunlight. I took a deep breath and walked towards the lab.

"Ah, there you are my boy! I was just coming to get you." the professor boomed as I walked in. I smiled and shook his hand, "How are you Professor Rowan? Is everything ready for our flight?"

He nodded and led me to his car. He was wearing colorful clothing, not his usual run-of-the-mill professor suit. As we drove to the airport, I captured my last memories of Sinnoh. I wasn't going to be home for over an year.

"So how's your egg doing?" the professor asked, "keeping it well I imagine."

I smiled. My first monsuno resided in that egg and I never went anywhere without it being in my backpack, "Yeah, it's safe and sound."

In an hour's time, we were flying over the Unova Sea. I was getting more and more pumped as we neared our arrival time. It was the start of something so grand that I waited fourteen long years for. I was finally on the road to becoming a Chase Suno.

"Unova's home to many different types of monsuno, Kite" the professor told me as he sensed my excitement, "Types you won't find anywhere else. Furthermore, the Monsuno Trainers there are a notch above even the best around."

"Mom said the same thing professor," I said smiling, "and with the Beginneer's Tournament there tommorow, you can just imagine how excited I am."

Professor smiled and nodded, "Yes, I know how much you love Monsuno Battles."

I peeked out of the window and saw that we were very close. As we reached sea level, I saw Alomomola jump out of the sea, as if greeting me to Unova. We landed and I immediately jumped out into the Unova atmosphere. I took a deep breath and marveled at the sight of the pier shining in the evening.

"Well here we are!" Professor said, "now let's see if we can board a taxi to my guest house. Ehh.. what was the address again...?"

After an extensive search, we finally unpacked in the professor's guest house. As I cleaned myself up, I saw my egg suddenly glowing.

"What the?!?!" I yelled, overcome with excitement.

I grabbed the egg in my hand and it glowed even further. The egg then transformed into my very first monsuno.

"San-sandile!" he squeaked happily.

"Hello there little buddy," I said smiling, "how are ya?"

My new Desert Croc Monsuno smiled and bite my head. I read in a textbook somewhere when a Sandile or its evolutionary relatives nibble your head, it's a sign of rare affection. Excited, I cleaned with a towel (Sandile hates water) and introduced him to a sleeping Professor Rowan.

"Sandile?" he squeaked, jumped on the professor's stomach.

"Yeah he's sleeping, he's much more fun when he's awake though," I said.

I happily strolled out into the open, with Sandile perched on my shoulder. The cool zephyr blowed as I checked out the urban parts of Nuvema Town. It was a pretty town, with even prettier women. As we walked around shopping mall complex, I started checking Sandile's stats with my SunoDex.

"Monsuno: Sandile. Ability: Anger Point. Moves: Bite, Sand-Attack." it chimed.

I smiled. Anger Point was one of those abilities that was activated occasionally but could sweep a well-oiled team if activated. However the strain of harboring four times your original attack is also crippling and it's not an ability that can hold out forever.

As I was checking the SumoDex, I bumped into someone. I managed to catch her hand as she fell and helped her up, "I'm sorry miss, I wasn't loo.."

She arose and I was stunned at her rare physique. She had a tight red shirt, showing her navel and matching tight jeans. She looked like the definiton of beauty as she smiled and rubbed her forehead.

"Oh, its nothing!" she said, "I was checking my Emolga's stats on my SumoDex."

"Well, me too" I smiled, "I am Kite Atlas by the way. This is my buddy, Sandile."

She shook my hand, "I am Ria Jones. And this is my girlfriend Emolg..where'd she go?"

Suddenly, a shadow overlooked us. We looked up and saw the Sky Squirrel Monsuno glide and land beside Ria.

"Where'd you go missy?" Ria asked curiously but Emolga just blinked and smiled.

"Anyway.." I said, desperate to get to know Ria better, "are you a Monsuno Trainer?"

"Yep!" she revealed,"matter of fact today is my first day. I was looking for someone to battle; that's why I was checking Emolga's stats."

"Well how about a battle then? It'll be my first because I am beginning today as well." I offered.

Pretty soon, we were facing each other on a nearby battle arena. I trembled as excitement overwhelmed me. Today was a big day indeed.

"I think I'll start off," Ria said, seriously (she looked even more beautiful like that), "Emolga, Quick Attack!"

Emolga sped towards Sandile, her tail glowing white as she achieved breakneck speed. However, I was perfectly prepared for the attack and had Sandile counter with Sand-Attack. Sandile screeched, summoning a wave of sand beside him. Then he thrust forth, blowing the sand at Emolga. The attack temporarily blinded Emolga and she stopped abruptlty, shaking sand out her eyes.

"Now Bite!," I commanded.

Sandile lunged, his small teeth glowing and growing. He bit into Emolga's neck and she screeched in pain. Sandile tossed her to the ground and she landed with a hefty thump. I thought it was over but Emolga's wasn't done yet and she arose shakingkly.

"That was a nice tactic," Ria complimented, "but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."

She told Emolga to repeat Quick Attack. As the monsuno came dashing towards Sandile, I ordered another Sand-Attack. 

"Encore!" Ria called suddenly.

Emolga fired a medium-sized white ball at Sandile. The attack hit Sandile and he began to glow white. Emolga also managed to dodge the blinding sand attack with the help of Quick Attack.

I sighed, "this will be a problem indeed."

Emolga lunged again, this time with Pursuit. I ordered Sand-Attack but Emolga dodged and managed to land the attack. However it wasn't so damaging and I ordered a Sand-Attack at point-blank range. However, she countered with Double Team, making Sandile miss his mark and fire off at clones. Just then, the real Emolga can behind him and hit him with another Quick Attack.

"Finish it, Emolga!" Ria called,"Quick Attack!"

However, the white glow on Sandile ceased just as Emolga lunged. Immediately, Sandile jumped up, preparing a Super Bite. His teeth grew longer and glowed a tint of silver as he focused all his power in them. It was a move that we had practiced while strolling around the streets and according to the SumoDex, had a base power of around 70. He dived as Emolga flew up. The two of them clashed in a white flash as they struggled to overcome each other. Then they pulled back, landing in a damaging fashion.

"Sandile, come on boy!" I encouraged,"get up!"

Sandile managed to get on his feet as Emolga arose too. The two locked on in a fierce staring contest and I could tell they were pouring all their energy into keeping their legs from wobbling. But then, Emolga fell and dissolved into pink essence, returning to her core.

"Tough battle," Ria said and then smiled,"Your Sandile is a tough one."

"Same can be said about your Emolga," I said smiling, "That Encore really messed up things."

"Well, I have to go for now but I'll see you tommorow right?" Ria asked, "In the Beginner Tournament?"

"Count on it," I said smiling. Ria smiled and ran off and I turned the other way. Today was a great day indeed...

"Hey Sandile, let's make a deal" I said crounching down,"Let's swear on this victory that we'll always be there for each other like a bond till the end."

"Sandile!" he squealed and jumped on my head.